First webinars about MORE4Sustainability Benchmark

How can Asset Management help to grow Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

How can Asset Management help to grow Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

The North-West Europe (NWE) region is key to reach the EU’s target of an increased overall energy efficiency of 32,5% until 2030. The industry in NWE is the largest consumer of fossil energy and needs to take considerable steps in order to reach the objectives. A set of best practices, called Sustainable Asset Management (AM), will help industrial companies to improve energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainable AM is contributing to this goal through the consistent application of practical Maintenance, Overhaul, Repair & Engineering (MORE) activities, like equipment isolation, low energy lighting, high-efficiency HVAC, equipment electrification, condition monitoring, preventive maintenance, waste heat capturing, energy management systems, etc. Unfortunately only few companies in NWE are aware of this potential and have actually started with Sustainable Asset Management.

Join us on March 27th, 28th and 29th as we explain the upcoming benchmark study and explore how you can actively participate in this groundbreaking initiative. Discover firsthand the impact you can make in advancing energy efficiency.

  1. Dutch spoken webinar: 27 March 2024 at 11 h
  2. English spoken webinar: 28 March 2024 at 15 h
  3. French spoken webinar: 29 March at 14h30
  4. German spoken webinar: to be planned

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  1. Setting the scene: The importance of sustainability and energy efficiency for industry
  2. About the MORE4Sustainability Project
  3. The MORE4Sustainability Benchmark
    1. Goal of the benchmark
    2. Questions and content of the benchmark
    3. Expected benchmark results
    4. Benefits of participating in the benchmark
    5. Conditions to participate in the benchmark
  4. How to participate in the benchmark
  5. Next steps in the MORE4Sustainability Project
  6. Q&A

About the speaker

Mark Haarman

Mark Haarman is founder and Managing Partner of Mainnovation, a leading consultancy firm specialized in Maintenance & Asset Management, headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Belgium and France. Mainnovation helps capital-intensive companies in industry, fleet and infrastructure to professionalize their Technical Department. We rely on our innovative VDMXL methodology (Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management). Mr. Haarman is author of the books ‘VDM – new faith in maintenance’ and ‘VDMXL – competing with aging assets’ and a well-known keynote speaker at international conferences.