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Unlocking Energy Efficiency: Introducing the MORE4Sustainability Benchmark Survey

The drive towards sustainability and energy efficiency is more critical now than ever. With the European Union's ambitious targets looming on the horizon, industries in the North-West Europe (NWE) region face the imperative to transition towards greener practices. The MORE4Sustainability benchmark offers a roadmap for companies to navigate this transformative journey.

Key Highlights of the MORE4Sustainability Benchmark

Goal: The benchmark aims to evaluate the adoption and impact of Sustainable Asset Management practices among industrial companies in NWE.

Content: Participants can expect to delve into questions surrounding maintenance, overhaul, repair, and engineering activities, as well as energy management systems and waste heat capturing.

Expected Results: Insights garnered from the benchmark will not only provide a snapshot of the current scenario but also offer invaluable data to drive future strategies towards enhanced energy efficiency.

Benefits of Participation: By participating in the benchmark, companies stand to gain actionable insights in a personalised benchmark report, where they benchmark their performance against industry peers, and contribute to a collective effort towards sustainability.

How to Participate: Interested parties can register for the benchmark survey via the following links:

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More information about the Benchmark Survey

As the MORE4Sustainability project unfolds, opportunities abound for industry stakeholders to actively engage and drive change. 

The MORE4Sustainability partners organised 3 Awareness Webinars about the survey in March 2024. Over +60 participants watched the live webinars.

The recording is available: learn more about the Survey and delve deeper into the significance of sustainability and energy efficiency, and outline the path forward through the MORE4Sustainability benchmark.

Watch the webinar